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Is your boss a Pig or spouse a Dog? That’s good!

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Being married to a Dog may not sound good, but in the context of Chinese astrology, being married to a Dog is quite an adventure. Every week, I’ll answer your questions in this column by describing personalities and characteristics of Chinese astrological signs.
This new weekly column will offer you the opportunity to learn how Chinese astrology can provide explanations of personality types, behaviors, examples of compatibility, and help you plan the best time to launch your dreams, find the love of your life, and accomplish your goals. The publishers of The Chronicle, Noel and Dee Dee Nash, learned about Chinese astrology while attending my brief presentation at a Rotary meeting in Cottage Grove. They invited me to share this unique science within their newspaper to offer readers insight and information that is unique and exclusive to The Chronicle.
January 25, 2020 begins the Chinese Year of the Rat. The Chinese New Year is calculated using the lunar calendar, which is based on the cycles and phases of the moon. The lunar calendar has been in use thousands of years, and the Chinese began using the lunar calendar approximately 5,000 years ago.
Individuals born under the same birth sign have similar and predictable personalities. Chinese astrology is based on lunar years representing 12 signs, each lasting for one year. Each of the signs has an animal name: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.
Each week I will answer questions from readers. I received a question from a woman born in the lunar year of the Rat, and she was born under the sun sign Cancer, so I refer to her sign as Cancer-Rat. Her daughter was born during the lunar year of the Snake, during the sun sign of Aries, which I refer to as Aries-Snake. The mother felt stressed. She mentioned that her daughter was often an extreme challenge. She had noticed other children who were lighthearted and easygoing, but her daughter seemed intense, often critical, and serious.
The Cancer-Rat mother wondered what she could do to help her daughter become happier or less intense-less of a challenge. I conveyed to the mother that her daughter’s behavior and personality was perfectly in line with her Chinese astrological sign. An Aries-Snake has a brilliant mind, naturally intense (as compared to most people). An Aries-Snake is a critical thinker. They think deeply, creatively, and seriously. As an adult, an Aries-Snake could reach heights in science, art, law, and design that the rest of us could never envision. Snakes are innovative and they are trendsetters.
Aries-Snakes can be kinder and more generous than anyone would ever expect, while also sharp and critical, sometimes harsh and insulting. Snakes are often ahead of their time, they are innovative, they appreciate unique style, and enjoy standing out in a crowd, wearing the best fashions (or creating new fashions). An Aries-Snake may enjoy wearing classy or unorthodox styles, or intricate and meaningful tattoos. Aries-Snakes like to make a statement in whatever they do, very often expressed through their appearance and their creative or educated communication. An Aries-Snake isn’t fond of small talk or chitchat. They have generous and caring hearts. They want to help others and improve the world, they want to inspire others, and sometimes they are intense.
An Aries-Snake would make a successful litigator. In a courtroom, the Aries-Snake would intimidate the opponent with their sharp and quick mind. In music, an Aries-Snake would write beautiful melodies and soft, poetic lyrics, but in conversation or relationships, an Aries-Snake may appear rigid and opinionated. An Aries-Snake could become a successful designer, artist, scientist, or businessperson. Creativity is the key, whether through science, art, or business.
While discussing this sign with the Cancer-Rat mother, I wanted her to know that although it may sometimes be a challenge to raise an Aries-Snake, she should realize that she has an opportunity to nurture one of the world’s most creative minds and artistic spirits. It’s not always easy to raise an Aries-Snake, but it is rewarding. I encouraged her to offer her daughter opportunities to learn musical instruments, encourage independent and innovative thought, expose her daughter to science and math, and allow her to spend plenty of time in nature.
I enjoy hearing from all of you and would like to answer your personal questions in the column. Please write to me with questions about yourself, lovers, family, or friends. Provide me with the exact birth dates (day, month, year) of all individuals included in your question – including their gender, and I will answer your questions about compatibility or reasons behind behaviors or personally. The more specific the question, the more specific I can be answering.
Please write to me at: [email protected] or mail to: The Chronicle, Attn: Linda LaZar, P.O. Box 428 Creswell, OR 97426
I wish you all peace and happiness.
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