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Tribute – Memories of Jon

Last week I received some shocking news that Jon Moore, a friend and fellow golfer, passed away after suffering a heart attack on Nov. 5.
I had gotten to know Jon, who was a barber and hairdresser at Platinum Hair in Creswell, the past six months playing golf on Sundays at Middlefield Golf Course in Cottage Grove.
I began playing golf again after giving up on the sport over 20 years ago. I was a “hack,” and so grew frustrated trying to play the game. When I sold The Chronicle, I decided to give the game another shot. Richard Heyman invited me to play with him and some of his buddies, and Jon was a frequent member of the Sunday morning golfing gang.
I credit Jon, Richard, Bob Shaw, and occasionally Kenny Biggs for allowing me to join their group and providing pointers to help improve my game. Needless to say, the game started to become fun for me and a large part of that was due to the camaraderie and friendships created among the group.
Unbeknownst to us, Sunday, Nov. 3 would be the last day that Jon would join us for a round of golf. While on the course, Jon talked about how he and Bob had grown up in the same town of Princeton, New Jersey. Neither realized it until they got to know each other in Creswell. I asked him if remembered watching former Portland Trail Blazer great Geoff Petrie play college basketball at Princeton University, which he did. He said that he used to go to the gym and pass the ball to former NBA great Bill Bradley as he shot the basketball blindfolded.
We also talked about all the great basketball teams Princeton had under its legendary coach Pete Carril. We also talked about the Presbyterian Church’s Harvest Dinner, which Jon had attended the previous Friday, and the wonderful cherry pie he had purchased there.
Like many Sundays on the course, this day was filled with laughter and joy as we celebrated Duck and Beaver victories on the football field the night before. Of course, Jon was also excited that his Miami Hurricanes football team had defeated former Ducks coach Willie Taggart and Florida State University the previous night.
It was a great fall day and we had intentions of playing the next week, but it didn’t happen. The news I received Thursday of Jon’s passing was jolting. You never know when your time is up on this earth. I’m just glad I had the opportunity to be reintroduced to the game of golf and introduced to Jon.
As I remember, Jon parred his last hole. We all shook hands and thanked each other for a round well played. Thanks, Jon, for making it a great and memorable day.
God bless!
Scott Olson



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