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Jennifer Davis: Cottage Grove’s hometown-driven bartender

Bar Manager Jennifer Davis has been with the Axe & Fiddle for four years. She was chosen to represent the restaurant during National Restaurant Hospitality Month by her bosses Alyssa Gonzales and Bart Caridio. ALIYA HALL/THE CHRONICLE

COTTAGE GROVE – When it comes to cultivating a warm and diverse atmosphere at restaurants, Axe & Fiddle owner Alyssa Gonzales says that bar manager Jennifer Davis does it best.
”(She’s) the employees’ favorite and the customers’ favorite,” Gonzales said. ”She really is the perfect representation for the Axe & Fiddle. She’s kind, understanding, hardworking and community-minded.”
Davis has been identified by Gonzales as an exemplary employee, in honor of National Restaurant Hospitality Month. She has been working at Axe & Fiddle for four years, since Gonzales recruited her to the restaurant.
”I was working at another bar and Alyssa said, ‘you gotta get down here.’ I finally caved and started working here and am so happy I did; I love it,” Davis said.
Gonzales said Davis is a hard worker, and is both company- and hometown-driven.
”She’s the best of all worlds,” Gonzales said. ”She’s knowledgeable and top-line in the industry. We have a lot of great employees, but she’s definitely the leader of our great employees.”
As bar manager, Davis handles scheduling and liquor orders, as well as making sure the Axe & Fiddle runs efficiently and everyone is happy. But beyond those daily duties, Davis has been instrumental in expanding the clientele at Axe & Fiddle, Gonzales said.
”Our demographic used to be very exclusive and a little cliquey,” Gonzales said. ”With all the relationships she has in Cottage Grove, and her willingness to learn our side of it and put in her side – it just expanded our clientele and our direction. We want to go in that direction and be inclusive with everyone in Cottage Grove. She’s the tool for that.”
Davis said her favorite part of the job is interacting with the Cottage Grove community.
”Everyone genuinely cares,” she said, adding that everyone wants to know how she’s doing. ”This place feels like home every time I come here. The owners, they’re the best. I’ve never worked for anyone like them.”
She said that she was in shock when she was told that she was chosen to represent the Axe & Fiddle for National Restaurant Hospitality Month.
”I didn’t even know what to say. I honestly was like ‘What? Okay!’” she said with a laugh. ”I’m honored and it’s really awesome. It makes me feel really good and like I am doing a good job, because it can be hard to tell.”



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