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Ditch backpack back pain

How much does your child’s backpack weigh before they head off to school in the morning? Do you know? It’s okay if you don’t, but it is important information to learn. A backpack weighing more than 15% of your child’s bodyweight can impact the development of their spine!
Here are a few tips to help you help your child to thrive and develop correctly.
Every Sunday, dump out your child’s backpack and review what they have stuffed inside. You will be surprised to find out what treasures they accumulate over the week. If you have a teenager, find out if they need to carry every book all the days of the week. Are there some classes they only have certain days of the week? If so, leave those books at home until the day they are in use.
Check the straps of their backpack for proper shoulder placement. The bottom of the backpack should be two inches above the waist and resting in the curve of their low back.
Remind them that wearing a backpack on both shoulders prevents postural problems.
Weigh your child’s backpack once a week to make sure it’s within the safe range of 15 percent of their bodyweight.
If you notice your child is showing early signs of repetitive stress on their growing spine, bring them in for an evaluation. Like dentistry, early detection and correction is key to better health.
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Dr. Blair Wilkinson Steine is the chiropractor
at Creswell Wellness Center.



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