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Thank you notes: New community column kicks off

We see a lot of people breezing through our doors – locals, passersby, residents of the past. In our encounters one common theme emerges: a plethora of gratitude for helping hands.
Good gets done in Creswell. So, why not spread the word further?
Starting in July, The Chronicle will publish a collection of THANK YOU notes from community members. Whatever or whomever you’re grateful for, this is the space to say THANKS for all deeds big and small.
Submissions can be a nod to someone who bought your DQ Blizzard for you in the drive-thru, a ”Hey, thanks” to the person who turned your wallet in to the Round-Up bartender, or kudos to your neighbor for looking after your dog while you were away on vacation.
To kick off this column, The Chronicle’s got more than a few THANK YOUs to spread around.
THANK YOU to our nextdoor office neighbors, Chelsea and Scott Pisani, for their tremendous help with Chronicle office renovations these past few weeks. Chelsea and Scott spent ample hours helping Noel and Dee Dee paint the ceiling and install the vinyl flooring. And THANKS to Doug and Cheryl Richard for helping to install the carpets. What’s that saying about many hands…?
A special THANKS to Al and Kathy January for the chocolate-covered treats they dropped off at the office for staff to enjoy. They were delicious – we’re talking homemade chocolate-covered strawberries and potato chips….mmm. Al’s also been cleaning house, digging up and dropping off interesting local history tidbits for the paper recently, so THANKS for that, too.
And THANKS, Ed Gunderson, for spending your days purging the office of outdated equipment and getting us comfortably into the 21st Century. With all your hard work rewiring the office – no easy feat – you’ve got us zippin’ along now!
Whatever or whomever you’re grateful for, this is the space to say THANKS for all deeds big and small. Email your THANK YOU notes, full name and contact information to Erin at [email protected] or drop them off at The Chronicle office, located at 34 W. Oregon Ave.



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