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Suicide series can open our communities to talking

Dear Editor,
First, I want to thank The Creswell Chronicle, The Cottage Grove Sentinel, The Siuslaw News, and Newport News-Times for taking the time to talk about a complex and hard topic: suicide.
This is an important topic that should be talked about.
My personal touch with suicide happened in sixth grade when my older brother, Ben, who was in the eighth grade, choose to take his life. I wish that I would have known he was in so much pain. I didn’t understand the signs.
I still grieve every day for his loss and wonder what he would have been like in high school; what kind of career he would have chosen. He’d have been a great dad and I think about the positive things he could have been.
But I also think about how his actions have shaped me and how I have become as a result of it.
For those who experienced suicide within your family, friends and community, you’re not alone and our stories are unique. Honor that person and remember them. It is OK to grieve in different ways and stages. Do what works for you.
I want everyone to know they are loved, no matter what – even when we disagree. And if you are having a hard time, please talk to someone, make art, write – whatever it takes to express your feelings.
For those who shame people about this topic and say, ”You’re going to hell,” for those thoughts, please take another look at this topic and don’t judge; you’re not in their shoes.
Thank you for the opportunity to share and for opening up our communities to this discussion and in understanding that we are more connected than we think we are.
Jo Beaudreau



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