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Letter to the Editor: After-school programs

Dear Editor,
I read the article in the April 4 edition of The Creswell Chronicle regarding after-school programs. Creswell resident Kimberlee Smith discussed her experience with these activities when she was in school. Ms. Smith suggests the schools here could be a safe place for students to receive extra help with their studies after school or just to ”hang out.”
So, I am thinking, what if one of the ”after-school” programs was actually a group of high school age students, maybe younger. They could form a club called the ”Creswell Climate Club” or perhaps the ”Creswell Science Club.” They don’t have to be science majors, just curious, truthful and unafraid.
Instead of just ”hanging out” after school, the members of this ”club” would have great fun discovering the truth behind things we are told to believe because of ”Global Warming.”
For example, we are led to believe we are running out of polar bears. Is that true? What is the predominant ”greenhouse” gas in our atmosphere? Is Greenland really melting, disappearing? Is the gas emitted by cows really polluting our atmosphere? Is ”renewable” energy reliable? What is ”Cap and Trade” anyway?
The truthful answers to questions like these are readily available if a computer or phone is nearby.
Once or twice a month they would write a column about their discoveries and offer it to The Creswell Chronicle for possible publication. If it were up to me, I would label their efforts as ”Investigative Journalism.” The students who participate in this club might be offered extra credit in related classes.
The truth would be so refreshing.

Richard Kauffman




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