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Publisher’s Corner – 50 first names only…

We met Peggy and Dan a few days after the big storm, in the lobby of a local bank. Dan said he’s been in town since there were only 450 people living here, and was the third person in Creswell to own a TV. And my goodness, Peggy’s stories of crawling under the collapsed green house to rescue plants was amazing.
Cathy has been at the local Banner Bank branch for more than 40 years. A leader who oversees not just a branch, but a region. … Linda patiently handled our tricky situation — opening bank accounts with out-of-state licenses can be tough — and we learned that one of her daughters is an expert parachutist. … Donia and Stephanie couldn’t have been kinder. 
Over at the Roundup Saloon, Ulla was helpful, sharing tips over a free, new-guy-in-town beer. (You know, I think we’re going to get along really well.) A few days later, I had the Friday special, a burger and a brew, and met Jordan. 
I also met two different guys named Chris at the Roundup. One told me that the only time he roots against Oregon State University football is when it plays the Ducks. The other Chris introduced us to Hunter, his gorgeous puppy with a head as big as an engine block and paws the size of a Creswell Bakery bear claw. 
Have to admit, it seems like I’ve visited Blue Valley Bistro nearly every day since coming to town. Coffee in the morning and sandwiches on weekdays. OK, weekends, too. Melissa and Seth were busy and somehow made everyone feel like the only customers there.
Nancy’s been in town about 20 years, she said, and her beauty salon is so busy I barely found a minute the past two weeks when I could stop in and say hi. Rosie is a cute and friendly four-legged partner in the shop. 
Chelsea and Rachel are businesswomen and “legacy protectors,” truly honoring Tamara’s and Tom’s pasts as caretakers and healers. Body. Mind. Health. … It was an additional thrill to meet their husbands, Scott and Trent.
Our landlord, Alan, has been supportive as we move into the downtown newsroom. Someday I will have a hat like he wears, and yes, only because it looks so good on him. Seriously, it’s easy to see why Cheryl and Rachel cite his kindness and warmth as another part of the Wellness Center’s legacy. 
Ed stopped by to discuss strategy for upgrading the technology in the newsroom. He comes from a long line of Norwegian seamen, he said. He’s probably too humble regarding his Danish-speaking skills; we also might have chatted about engineering, bicycles, ecology and a few other things. 
Jeanette and Daniel have one of the coolest businesses I’ve seen. I’m not a hardcore “gamer,” unless you count playing my brother Dennis (who lives in Denmark) in Madden video games each weekend. Elite Game Stop seems to be a great environment for kids — even kids as old as me. 
Sgt. Scott gave me a brief overview of his operations. And invited me on a “ride along” in the near future. I’m not nervous, but I do plan to ask for the full bomb-squad safety gear. 
I met a few folks at City Hall, including Mayor Z, Michelle, Michelle and Roberta. Looking forward to getting to know them much better over time. 
A recent Monday and Wednesday were special treats because I met and spent time chatting with Pamela. Between the Chamber and The Chronicle, she has her finger on the pulse of Creswell. And the local knowledge to put it all in context. 
My Boys co-owner Cathryn stopped to chat on a busy weekend – clearly lots of people eager to get out of the snowbound homes from the prior week. Later, I attended my first Creswell Chamber of Commerce luncheon there. 
My first Saturday in town, I was invited for coffee with Richard, who we learned is “The Colonel” and his wife, Barbara. Richard is a national treasure. I can’t wait to visit more with both of them. 
Earlier this week, Sandy and I discussed her new initiative for a public kitchen to better serve people who need food. She was so humble in her countenance when she visited the newsroom after a long overnight shift on-call. She’s helped grow the Creswell food bank from 500 square feet to more than 2,000. What?? That speaks volumes about her, this city’s government and its citizens. Amazing. 
Susan stopped by the newsroom and delivered a bag containing a beautiful book on native flowers of the Pacific Northwest. My wife, Dee Dee, is an avid gardener. (Is it OK to mention the bottle of red from Saginaw Valley, too?) 
Someone had left a box of fresh cookies in the newsroom last week. I’m told, ahem, they were delicious. …. OK. I can verify they were delicious. Thank you, Katrina. 
Al stopped into the newsroom, proud to show off his freshly cut flat-top and talk about classic cars — and how much he still loves to drive fast. Joe also came by and we talked about the beautiful, old photo of the electric plant and Creswell’s history.
Last, but not least, we want to thank Scott, Jeanne, Cheryl, Erin and Andrew. The former owners and current sales manager, editor and graphic designer, respectively, have patiently walked my wife and me through a world of new processes, people and places. I also met a few correspondents, Aliya, Gini, Tom, and photographer Chris. 
Thanks to all of you whom I’ve met so far, and I’m eager to build on this list.



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