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Multiple observations

I have several things that I wish to discuss in my column this week.
First, I have always resisted the urge to jump on any sitting president for their actions that I don’t agree with. I did not condemn President Richard Nixon, though he was responsible for sending me into combat. I did my sworn duty, regardless of my feelings or beliefs.
But the most recent condemnation by President Donald Trump of former Senator John McCain for having been shot down in north Vietnam by anti-aircraft fire is horrible. I can vouch because of my own 1,200 hours spent in combat flight; dodging flak is a hit-and-miss proposition, and you cannot see that coming.
Although I am certain that President Trump will not see this article, I am voicing my opinion: Trump, you are wrong and you owe the nation an apology.
Next, thank you to Ed Gunderson and others for shoveling out walks and driveways following our recent storm. We senior citizens have done the same in the past and now we better not take that chance of risking a heart attack.
I wonder, are sidewalks property of the City, like streets are? Since it is the responsibility of the City to clear streets, why not sidewalks, also? Many years ago in a New England town I lived in, we had a home built in a new development and the city informed us that sidewalks would be our responsibility.
Next item that I feel so strongly about is the stupid and horrible surge of killings involving religious groups all over the world.
New Zealand – one of the most tolerant and peaceful nations in the world – was attacked this week, resulting in many deaths of muslims. My extended family was wiped out by the Germans in the Holocaust. What is beyond belief is that people can cause multiple deaths and misery in such needless and stupid acts as to attack any religion or group because they don’t agree with their beliefs.
Last, Jon Moore, Bob Shaw, Ken Biggs and I played golf at Middlefield on Sunday. Jon scored a hole-in-one on number four. Congratulations, Jon.
Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox.



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