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Through the Eyes of the Colonel – The issue of homelessness

I read an article last week about a court case involving the rights of indigent homeless people, and an interpretation of cruel and inhuman treatment under the constitution.
I’m not certain I got it right, but the ruling said that homeless people have the right to camp on state properties and to rule against this right violated the constitution. Among places they can stay are sidewalks, streets, parks, etc.
I’m not against the rights of homeless persons, but I feel that rights of the rest of us will be infringed if we are walking or riding on public streets or sidewalks, and they are blocked by campers – causing safety issues or hindrance. Common sense seems to have been thrown out the window. Wouldn’t it be something if you are driving on the highway and suddenly come upon a campout in the middle of the road? I sure hope I got this wrong.
You may believe there is not a homeless problem in the Creswell area, but if you take the time to look under the bridge over the river about a quarter mile east of the city limits on Cloverdale Road, there is evidence of homeless encampments and no sanitary facilities nearby. You can draw your own conclusions of what is going into the water there. A bit of investigation reveals there are other campers on the riverbank further up stream. I haven’t got the solution for the problem of homelessness, but there are many ideas put forward by others.
I have heard that there are more opportunities for employment. Many firms are searching for persons that want to work and earn a living wage. Also the mission in Eugene does a tremendous job by feeding, clothing and furnishing sleeping accommodations for persons needing assistance. It seems a better idea to give funds to the mission or similar organizations than to give money to panhandlers. That helps more of the needy persons.
The Lord helps him who helps himself.



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