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Deputy under investigation – Police coverage still intact


One of Creswell’s deputies is under a criminal and an internal investigation.
Lane County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) Deputy Bryan Holiman is being investigated in response to unspecified complaints, and is currently on administrative leave.
”On Nov. 30, 2018, a criminal investigation involving Deputy Holiman was referred to my office for review by a Florence Police Department detective.” Lane County District Attorney Patricia W. Perlow told The Chronicle. ”I reviewed the matter and determined the facts did not support a criminal charge.”
Perlow said that LCSO then began an internal investigation for violation of LCSO policies.
”During that internal investigation, information came to light which led to an additional criminal investigation,” Perlow said. ”That investigation was referred to my office and, due to a conflict arising from the new investigation, I referred the matter out of county.”
She said that is the extent of the information she could provide at this time.
Deputy Holiman has been assigned to Creswell for four years. He has been with the sheriff’s office since 2001. In 2017, he was the recipient of the Crisis Intervention Training Officer of the Year.
Because Creswell police coverage is under contract with LCSO, Sheriff Byron M. Trapp said that in situations such as this, the Sheriff’s Office will either replace the officer, or the city will not be billed for the lack of police coverage.
There is not going to be any gap in the regular police coverage in light of Deputy Holiman’s absence, Sergeant Denham said. ”Deputy (Ben) Schafer will be covering the same shift and hours as Holiman.”
Additionally, Creswell Deputy Levi McKenney, who has been serving as an acting sergeant in the LCSO main office, was just promoted to sergeant on Feb. 2, Denham said. He is now permanently assigned to the main office. Deputy Tim Wallace has also been covering McKenney’s hours in Creswell.
Both Wallace’s and Schaefer’s positions are temporary, Denham said. He will be undergoing the process for a new deputy to replace McKenney soon.
More information on Deputy Holiman’s investigation will be released as information becomes available.



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