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To downsize or not to downsize… a question to consider

With the holidays here, families may become aware of many things that have not have gotten attention throughout the course of the year. Or, if they had it was easy to push them aside due to our, ”oh so busy lives!”
Holidays, however, tend to focus us a bit on what is in everyone’s lives (both figuratively and literally), and the feelings that come with that. Some may be more grateful and reflective; some may also become more aware that things are changing, time is marching on and, for adult children, that parents are changing too.
This time of year there is often a gradual ”changing of the guards” where it becomes more obvious that mom or dad is no longer responsible for the coordination of family gatherings, and mom and dad may be noticing (or their children) that their home is no longer serving them in the same way it always has. They may be feeling isolated as fewer and fewer people in the neighborhood or area are home, and activities away from home become less frequent due to health issues. Slowly things like this become more obvious.
Adult children often become more aware of the challenges their parents face during the holidays, and may wonder how their parents foresee the year (or years) ahead, or their parents may raise the subject. They may want to begin a conversation with parents regarding whether they want to stay in their home as they age. If so, what kind of support will they need to do so? Do they want to move and, if so, where do they want to move or to what type of living situation?
Keeping in mind that to downsize (or not) is a very individual and personal decision, and is always best if made by the person who may be downsizing. It is not an easy decision. Many people find they need some help and guidance to reach their decision, to explore options, to move forward, and may seek professional help.
Move-In Comfort offers this type of help. Based in Eugene, and serving the mid-Willamette Valley and beyond for the past 15 years, Move-In Comfort assists older adults and their families in ways that help them to get clear about their goals and achieve them. Providing comprehensive downsizing and moving services, as well as coaching services for those who wish to do it themselves, they help people help themselves.
A complimentary in-home consultation is an opportunity to see what type of help is available and if this help may be useful. Even those who think they are not quite ready to make a move or to downsize to stay at home, this consultation offers an opportunity to open a door and explore so they are not left just feeling so overwhelmed that another year goes by and then another and another. Often times putting a decision off too long leaves the door open for others to make the decision for you!
Downsizing is never easy, but it is always a relief when getting to the other side. It is especially so when the decider is in the driver’s seat choosing the timing and the destination.



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