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Through the Eyes of the Colonel – A tribute to my lifelong friend

This past week I received word that a friend passed away. This friend, Jack Leisure, became my friend in 1935 when we were both 11-years-old. Our friendship lasted all these years from belonging to the same Boy Scout Troop, DeMolays, and same classes in school from fifth grade to graduation.
The war separated us; I went to the Air Corps in Europe, Jack to the Marines in the Pacific. After the war, we lived in a town in Oklahoma, where Jack went to college and became a successful geologist and building contractor. I was in business for a short time then decided to make the United States Air Force my career. Consequently we moved apart, but still stayed close in our friendship.
Now Jack is gone. I know how important it has been to have a lifelong friend. It is almost impossible to tell how much his friendship has meant to me. I speak of this, although I doubt I anyone around here knew Jack, but we all have friends that have played a big part in our life and we don’t always take the time to tell them so.
Both of us enjoyed sports and we continued to get plenty of exercise, eat properly and enjoy life to its fullest. I am sorry Jack is gone, but I have happy memories of my friend. Also I remember so many other friendships I have and those friends here that I treasure.
I hope you readers have had the benefit of friends such as I have enjoyed. I desire to convey to all that without friendship, loyalty and honesty, our lives would not be happy and wholesome.



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