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Use your constitutional right by voting

I believe that the election next week is going to be one of the most important midterm elections we will have. There are so many conflicting views and opinions. Who do you want governing you? Whose opinion do you believe will be successful? Who is truly honest? And who is going to be there for your good, not for some personal reason or gain?
I think a lot of the campaigning and name-calling is false and misleading. The candidates condemn each other, make false statements and make claims that are ridiculous and libelous. Sure there are some honorable persons running and some good quality bills being suggested, but you better read the fine print and are certain some irresponsible items aren’t placed in a bill that you don’t agree with.
I am so suspicious this election that I am really concerned. A lot of what I am hearing and reading is twisted info, doubtful in its veracity and downright trash talk. This doesn’t mean that I won’t vote, but I am being as careful and inquisitive as possible.
I won’t give my opinion or tell how I vote; it is my business and nobody else’s. So do yourself a favor and fulfill your constitutional right by voting. Your vote counts. No matter which way you vote, you can always claim you didn’t vote for that so and so, or that you did vote for the winner and you did approve of the bill. Nobody can challenge your claim.
There have been times when after a few months of an administration, I didn’t want anyone to know I had voted for the scoundrel.
When I was sent to Vietnam I was condemned by a citizen for having served there. I asked him whom he had voted for in the last election. Because as I told him, ”I didn’t.” One of the few times I confirmed my vote.



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