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Consider Zettervall for mayor

Dear Editor and fellow Creswellians,
I am a city councilor writing to you as a private citizen to ask for serious consideration of Richard Zettervall as our next mayor.
Reflecting on two years of service on the council as a citizen volunteer, I have this to say: A) It is an honor to be on a team that plays a crucial part in setting policy and managing our hometown, fulfilling a role our form of government requires; B) it has been a pleasure to serve on council with Mr. Zettervall and Mr. Gary Mounce, who is also running for Mayor, as they are both good, intelligent and honorable men that serve this community well; and C) Creswell is growing up, and between our city staff and volunteers, we are moving forward to meet the complex challenges the future presents us.
A momentum has been established, and Mr. Zettervall, who also has served capably as the council president under Mayor Dave Stram, would provide a valuable continuity to operation and progress of our city. It’s a unique opportunity to transition a councilor into mayor, and I believe that Mr. Zettervall would apply himself to our communal benefit.
I’ve observed Mr. Zettervall (and his wife, Linda Warner, too) to be conscientious, modest, honest, straightforward, energetic, diligent, kind and compassionate since first meeting him at the Creswell Food Pantry where he was assisting in the donation of vaccinations. He and his wife prove that a family (their son, Mr. Jeff Warner, is a longtime Parks and Tree Advisory Committee member) can arrive in Creswell and through their own openness and desire to become involved can quickly become valuable and appreciated (by me, at least) members of the community.
We are lucky to have them, lucky that Mr. Zettervall is willing to serve as Mayor, and lucky to have an individual say in how our democracy works.
I’d like it if you voted for Mr. Zettervall, but please, just vote.

Martha McReynolds Jr.
City councilor, Creswell



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