Good samaritans come to the rescue

Judy Wright, 73, of Creswell, wanted to say ”thank you” to the good samaritans that helped her get home last week. ERIN TIERNEY/THE CRESWELL CHRONICLE

It doesn’t take a huge gesture to make someone’s day.
Judy Wright, 73, of Creswell, was thankful to encounter a couple of good samaritans last Tuesday, Aug. 28 in town.
Wright doesn’t drive, so traveling can be a bit sticky. She had a doctor appointment earlier that day in Eugene. She managed to make her way home, hopping buses and splitting cabs to get her anywhere close to her home at Homestead Park on Davisson Road.
It was a long journey, but she managed to get herself and her service pup to Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant, where she waited for her neighbor to pick her up as scheduled.
That ride never came.
Wright was growing tired and increasingly more frail. Her bags grew heavier as they hung in her hands and she leaned against a garbage can to collect herself. She said she’s never been stranded anywhere before, unable to get home.
She was overwhelmed and growing weepy, while a woman by the name of Carol and her husband, whose name she didn’t catch, were finishing up their dinner.
The couple said they would give her a ride.
It made Wright weep, this time with happiness.
They gave her a ride just a couple miles away, though the couple idled near her house, waiting to be sure she made it in her house OK.
It’s a good thing they stuck around, because Wright had trouble getting her door open.
The man helped her try to get the door open, but dropped the keys in the midst. The key fell several feet down, sandwiched between Wright’s RV and her porch.
Carol joined the key rescue team and managed to fish the key out, and they celebrated the victory.
She never caught their full names, but she’ll always remember the kindness of strangers that night that helped her get home safely.
Wright wanted to say, ”thank you” to these good samaritans. Her hands tremble and she couldn’t pen a letter herself, so she hopes this message will be read by them.



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