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Let the campaigning begin

Election time is coming in about two months and campaigning is just getting going. We don’t have a lot of influence in the state, county or national elections. But we do have the responsibility to vote for our local government and who is installed to theoretically run things, spend our money and do things that support the citizen’s wishes.
Too often we are faced with the proposition that the politician does what he/she wants, not what we want. They get carried away by believing that they know better than we do of what is needed or desired.
Now I know the only person that is running for mayor is the present president of the City Council, Mr. Zettervall, a nice fellow that has worked hard on the council.
I have no idea of his background, but believe he has lived in Creswell for about six years of which all but two as a member of the Creswell City Council.
Maybe he won’t just duplicate the past administration and will correct the problems we have, like: Bald Knob, rules and regulations that are archaic, airport operations, codes that are wrong or unenforceable, appearance of neighborhoods that are not complying with present rules and enforcement.
I do believe Mr. Zettervall will address the problems and solutions he anticipates if he is elected.
Furthermore I truly wish we had another candidate to make the election a real contest. Perhaps a write-in candidate will surface.



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