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Shout out to the Fourth of July volunteers

Dear Editor,
Show of hands, how many of you have ever thrown a party? Do you remember the amount of time it took? The money? The worry? The endless details? Wasn’t it worth it to see and feel the happiness of all the attendees? Of course it was. Now imagine planning a party of 15,000 men, women and children! Wow, you’d think, “That’s huge!” You would be absolutely correct. You couldn’t do that — not without a lot of help.
Creswell’s 4th of July Celebration is just that; a party for 15,000. There are many hands and hearts that make this event happen. The folks behind the scenes do all they can to make the day a success. Every year it is pretty much the same folks with a few brave newbies thrown in. There is always the hope that next year there will be more — not just enough — volunteers to assist or take over for a couple of hours. To give everyone a chance to see parts of the celebration that they would not normally see because they are needed in one spot for the entire day.
Creswellians, you all have it in your power to make the 4th of July even more spectacular. The Chamber has some ideas to expand the event and we welcome your input. New ideas take more people, time and effort. We are in need of committee heads, committee members and volunteers to make this party happen. Contact the Chamber office and get your name on the list. We have already started planning the event for next year. Call 541-895-4398, or drop by the office at 95 West Oregon Avenue on weekdays between 10am and 5pm.
Pamela Palmer
Admin Assistant – The Creswell Chamber of Commerce



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