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Medication synchronization, delivery and therapy management

Q: I am helping take care of my aging parents and managing all their medications. It can be quite confusing and tedious at times keeping them all straight, requesting refills and knowing what they are all for. On top of that, making multiple trips to the pharmacy each month is increasingly difficult due to my busy family and work schedule. Do you have any suggestions?

A: Yes! We have suggestions and can help you! You are not alone. Many people are in the exact same situation as you. In 2011, the first round of Baby Boomers (those Americans born between 1946 and 1964) turned 65. From then until 2030, 10,000 Baby Boomers each day will hit retirement age. There are a lot of family members trying to help their parents not only manage their medications but their living situation(s) and daily activities.
As for keeping their medications straight and knowing what they are for, our Creswell HealthMart Pharmacists can offer Medication Therapy Management Services and medication counseling services. MTM is medical care provided by pharmacists whose aim is to optimize drug therapy and improve therapeutic outcomes for patients. It includes formulating a medication treatment plan, monitoring efficacy and safety of medication therapy and enhancing medication adherence.
Knowing what your/their medications are for is also crucial. Our pharmacists are always available to discuss and educate patients on their medications and other pharmaceutical needs. If at anytime you need clarification or have questions you can always call or stop by.
Keeping on top of multiple prescription refills each month can be daunting at times. Oftentimes, people notice at the last minute that they need a refill and when they call in their refill they find that they are ”out of refills” or that the ”prescription has expired” – both of which require the pharmacy to contact your prescriber for authorization.
We do offer a free service called Medication Synchronization for our patients. All that really means is that we work with you and your insurance company to get all your medications to come due at the same time each month. It’s very simple and it eliminates multiple trips to the pharmacy each month.
Having a busy family and work life is what a lot of people juggle, especially while assisting with the care of their aging parents. Another option for you (as well as them) is that we offer not only a home delivery service but a delivery service to your place of work too. Prescription medications are a big part of staying healthy no matter what stage of life you are at. We just aim to make is as easy as possible to get you and your family what you need and making it as convenient as possible.
If you or anyone else would like to know more about these or other services we provide, please call or stop by and speak to one of our staff members. We are happy to help you with your healthcare needs.



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