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We are a nation of problem-solvers

The senseless killings in schools around the nation are problems that must be solved – and the sooner the better.
When I was in school there was a killer that hit our local school. It was named ”Polio.” It hit my grade school hard; as I recall there were three students who became ill almost simultaneously. It was a terrible disease, causing death to one student and permanent problems for others. They were placed in ”Iron Lungs,” a big cumbersome device to assist their breathing.
So little was known about polio, although the President, F.D. Roosevelt had suffered earlier with the illness and it had been publicized widely.
For several years, as I recall, we had more cases and much research was done to eradicate polio.
To prevent further cases in that summer of 1936 we children were not allowed to congregate in greater numbers than four or five. The local swimming pool was closed, theaters made certain we didn’t sit in large groups and even Sunday school was curtailed. It just wasn’t known what caused the devastating disease or how to prevent it from spreading.
However, the problem was solved in this country and most of the rest of the world. Much study, experimenting and problem-solving defeated this horrible disease.
The same can be done to stop the school shootings. I don’t know if it is an illness, bravado, revenge or plain stupidity. But whatever, it must be stopped.
Education, observation, counseling, reporting – you name it. We are a civilized nation that should be able to solve this problem the same as we have conquered horrible diseases.



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