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Bangin‘ out a living: Opportunity drives local restaurant owner
"I chatted with Bollinger, who lives in Creswell, before the dinnertime crowd started arriving for the variety of sausages and beers on tap that earn his Eugene restaurant a stream of local awards and shining Yelp reviews ... "
Lights out for Village Green: Historic road resort to close Sept. 30
FreeBUSINESS Sep. 16
The Chronicle earns 18 state awards for weekly paper, ads
Grocers, area chefs suffering shortages
What do national truck driver scarcity, historic labor problems, and the Delta variant all have in common? They are conspiring to create supply-chain issues that are wreaking havoc among local and national restaurants.
Community Jul. 30
To spend or not to spend, that is the (post-pandemic) question
For the lucky people who are coming out of the pandemic relatively unscathed, a large question looms: Is now a good time to tackle a home or business improvement project that was put off during the lost year of 2020?
Community Jul. 14
Give credit where it’s due: Finding small-business loans post-Covid
Coming out of the historic year that was 2020, there are some once unfamiliar words and phrases that have now become commonplace: social distancing, personal protective equipment, Delta variant, mRNA, and more.
Community Jun. 17
CSD offers summer employment opportunities
CRESWELL – The school district is encouraging high school students ages 16 and older to apply for summer employment opportunities through the district.
News Jun. 16
Ems baseball may take swing at Glenwood
GLENWOOD – Development interest keeps building in Glenwood as a minor league baseball team flirts with the idea of a riverfront stadium, and the city’s economic development leaders approve a process for developing their own riverside property.
Community May. 29
Songwriting helped band survive pandemic
COTTAGE GROVE – The overflow crowd at The Brewstation did a commendable job Friday night in giving Jah Sun & The Rising Tide some air beneath their wings.
Community May. 7
Still need to buy mom a gift? Local shops can save the day
In a bind for time this Mother’s Day? Small businesses in South Lane County will be open this weekend, and are goldmine for locally-made and thoughtful gifts. In Cottage Grove, The Bookmine at 702 E. Main St. is one of the town’s grooviest local bookstores. Sisters Gail and Birdy Hoelzle have been running it since the mid-‘70s, and in April celebrated its 46th anniversary. Through the hard work of the Hoelzle sisters and their husbands, The Bookmine has evolved into much more than a bookstore.
FreeCommunity Apr. 21
Businesses struggling to find help amidst Covid
Local business owners who have suffered and – somehow – survived this far through the pandemic are eager to ramp up and super-serve customers ready to socialize, shop, eat, drink and be merry. A lack of hireable employees is threatening to make it all go bust. The state’s oscillating “risk level” remains an immediate challenge, particularly for restaurants and bars trying to meet guidelines, customer needs and business expenses. County health officials are expected to raise the risk level to “High” this week.
Community Apr. 17
Order up! New technology serving QR codes on menus
EMMA ROUTLEY The Chronicle As the pandemic leaves restaurant owners feeling shaken, a new web technology may be paving the way for a new kind of operation. In the future, waiting for a server to take a food order may be obsolete, thanks to Porter. Porter, a web-based technology that utilizes QR code for menus and food service, supplies a new way to order and serve customers to focus more on guest satisfaction rather than the transaction. “You think about your own experience going into a restaurant and whether a waiter or waitress is helping you – they spend a lot of time taking your order, taking your card, giving your card slips back,” said CEO John Barry, aka Head Porter. “With Porter, that’s removed.” An active community member, Barry spent two years running the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene, which allowed him to combine his passion for art and for business and get to know local leaders also involved in ABAE. One thing he’d never done, Barry said in entrepreneurial spirit, was a commercial startup. Still relatively new, Porter is putting out feelers for opportunities to test the technology. Different from delivery apps like Uber Eats or Grubhub, Porter is used by opening a website provided by the hub, creating an account and registering a credit card. As orders are placed and sent to the kitchen, the transaction is already complete. In scenarios where there are multiple food trucks, Porter cuts out the need to get up from the table at all, unless someone needs a bathroom break. Currently, Porter provides the technology working in the background of local businesses such as PublicHouse in Springfield and the Beergarden in Eugene. Porter recently announced a partnership with the Eugene Emeralds and Bend Elks. “Instead of having to spend that time getting up, standing in line and maybe missing the winning home run, you never have to leave your seat,” Barry said. Contactless food service has become the norm during the last year, and Barry said people’s comfort level with that experience should be good for Porter’s future. “We launched at a time when the idea of using something like Porter onsite to enhance the dining experience was a novelty,” Barry said. “Our future’s going to be about being the underlying software that allows our clients to provide that experience.”
FreeCommunity Apr. 13
Porter, a New Contact-Free Food Ordering Technology, Launches at Seven Local Hotels
Web-Based Platform Effortlessly Serves Up Room Service via Guests’ Smartphones
Community Apr. 3
Searching for ‘chi’ and finding balance through acupuncture
CRESWELL – Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine that has healed ailments across many cultures for 5,000 years. A key component of Chinese medicine, acupuncture is used to reflow chi or “energy” in the body where it may be stuck.
Community Feb. 24
Creswell Wellness Center launches its own brand
The team at Creswell Wellness Center celebrated two major milestones this month: Their second anniversary and the launch of their own vitamin line.