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July 4


4th of July Jul. 7
'Light of Liberty' rocks Island Park
Independence day Jul. 7
Creswell’s traditional Fourth makes a strong comeback
Questions answered, tensions rise at Creswell Town Hall
Community Jul. 8
Holiday car show winner hardly a surprise
CRESWELL – This wasn’t the first car show victory for Bob Ramsey, and chances are it won’t be his last, either.
News Jul. 7
Crowds swell, celebrate holiday; police manage public safety concerns
CRESWELL – Police in Creswell say that the unauthorized parade in the early afternoon on July 4 was kept under control and did not cause egregious public safety concerns.
News Jul. 7
Fireworks Co. president calls out Creswell schools; parade draws nearly 1K; ‘Proud Boys’ rally fizzles
CRESWELL – The City’s annual Fourth of July celebration was a source of consternation and controversy in the months leading up to its on again-off again, official and unofficial festivities.
Update: Creswell fireworks fire 'contained'
PHOTOS: Rogue parade draws hundreds in downtown Creswell
Community Jul. 3
Capturing a lifetime of memories
Since childhood, Independence Day has always been a family/community kind of day for me and I love it.
Community Jul. 1
The police, the parade and celebrating the Fourth
As a retired Army Veteran and 27-year Los Angeles County and Lane County Deputy Sheriff and Sergeant, one of my favorite days has always been the 4th of July.
FreeCommunity - July 4 Special Section Jun. 30
Classic Americana: Creswell's small-town parade stirs 30 years of memories
The Fourth of July has long been a day when we take time to remember where we came from and how we got here, and a day when we salute the efforts of those men and women who have served our country in uniform as well as those who keep things moving in local and national government and civic services, from elected officials to first responders.
News Jun. 23
City, Chamber, Hobby Field all in; TJ’s owner nixes rally
CRESWELL – The spirit of July 4 returns to Creswell next weekend as both the Chamber and City ramp up to provide family-friendly events, including airplane rides, the traditional fireworks display and citywide contests.
Community Jun. 2
Southern Willamette Valley honors, celebrates fallen veterans
The Creswell VFW conducted its traditional Memorial Day service at the Veterans Memorial site beside the South Lane County Fire station on Monday, May 31.
Community Jun. 2
July 4 events in Creswell slowly take shape
CRESWELL – With only a month left before July 4 festivities kick off in Creswell, many of the plans are still in flux.
News May. 27
Creswell Chamber: Fireworks show a go
CRESWELL – With the assembly of a new Creswell Chamber Board in April, the first call to action was to secure a location to host the annual Fourth of July Celebration fireworks show.
News May. 26
‘Patriot‘ parade plans facing hurdles, concerns
CRESWELL – Discussions and planning around a Fourth of July Celebration has sparked plenty of fireworks – just not the kind anyone expected.
FreeNews Apr. 28
Parade, fireworks unlikely on July 4
CRESWELL – It is looking like the lawn chairs will remain folded up in the garage for yet another July Fourth. While the City of Creswell, local businesses owners, and a newly assembled Creswell Chamber board are stepping up to provide some semblance of a Fourth of July celebration this summer, chances are that its key features will be missing from the activities lineup.
News Feb. 24
Should Creswell go Fourth? Fireworks, parade spark concerns over crowds, costs
The City of Creswell is considering what it would take to stage a safe and affordable Fourth of July Celebration. The Creswell Chamber of Commerce traditionally organized the celebration – that is, until the pandemic shut down tourism and the revenue associated with it. The Chamber has been nearly dormant for the past year, and with only two of the seven required board members, the Chamber is incapable of organizing the 2021 event.