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 By Pat Edwards    News    January 23, 2020 

Three cheers for the Ducks women's basketball team

LORANE – Life right now is rather mundane following the business of the holidays. For Jim and I, the days are filled with doctor appointments, yoga classes, and trips to town to run errands ...

 By Pat Edwards    News    January 16, 2020

This time, we're prepared for snow

Well, we've made it into the new year without any major weather inconveniences, but most of us are still preparing ourselves for the possibility of another snow/ice storm that caused us to be without...

 By Pat Edwards    News    December 26, 2019

Twinkling lights illuminate South Lane County

The holiday season is upon us in full force. The season is shining through the beautiful Christmas lights and lawn decorations as we travel the roads around Lorane. I love driving down Oregon Avenue...

 By Pat Edwards    News    December 19, 2019

Lorane loses longtime resident

LORANE –Another of our longtime Lorane residents has passed. Donna Moore was a kind, sweet woman. She and her husband Larry had been married for 68 years and were both active in the Lorane Grange...

 By Pat Edwards    News    December 12, 2019

Still stickin' with the choir

LORANE – I am part of the Fern Ridge Community Choir, which plans to do a holiday singalong concert the week before Christmas. A few columns ago, I told you how difficult it was for me to learn...

 By Pat Edwards    News    December 5, 2019

Giving thanks for another great-granddaughter

LORANE – The holiday season seemed to come swooping in this year. It seems that once I passed 50 or so, the days, weeks, months and years have taken on the speed of an express train. Once the...

 By Pat Edwards    News    November 21, 2019

Time spent, and its changing ways

LORANE – Each year, time seems to go faster and faster. Thinking back to my youth, it seemed as though the days, weeks and years, kept at a leisurely pace. There was time to go to school, do...

 By Pat Edwards    News    November 14, 2019

Singing the praises of joining the choir

I stepped out of my comfort zone this last week. I’ve always loved music and whenever possible, I sing along with it ... Jim and I are seasoned “car radio singers.” We know every word to the...

 By Pat Edwards    News    October 10, 2019

Movie nights in Lorane will keep you

The Rural Arts Center has announced its 2019-2020 lineup of movies for the Lorane Movie Night series. Just one thing, though... Their new licensing agreement won’t let them advertise the movies to...

 By Pat Edwards    News    October 3, 2019

Fall is flush with special memories

This past week was the beginning of fall, and it certainly feels as though it’s earlier than usual, weather-wise. I’ve always enjoyed the cooler, sunny days of fall that we usually have through... Full story

 By Pat Edwards    News    September 26, 2019

Recent accident stirs heeded warning: Drive safe on treacherous Territorial

Around 7 p.m. last night our dogs began barking and whining to get outside. They’ll do the same when they know it’s time to race the school bus or garbage truck up the hill (inside our...

 By Pat Edwards    News    September 5, 2019

Mary Ford was always a model citizen

LORANE – Oh my gosh! As I look at the calendar, I realize that August is on the verge of escaping us for another year! By the time you read this, it will be September – the beginning of fall and a...

 By Pat Edwards    News    August 22, 2019

Sweet Lorane Community News

It’s been a while since I reported anything about Jim’s and my adventures since his accident that fractured his pelvis in three places last April. Amazingly, he was able to enjoy our 11-day vacati...

 By Pat Edwards    News    August 1, 2019

Fire Road blaze reminiscent of 2015 fire

'In early August, 2015, Lorane was in the news – and not in a good way. A fire had broken out along Territorial Road south of Lorane and caught the hillside between the Mitchell and Matchulat...

 By Pat Edwards    News    July 25, 2019

Art in the country is this weekend

This week I want to share with you the story of a special organization I have had the privilege of being closely affiliated with over the past 10 years or more. I have mentioned my work with the...

 By Pat Edwards    News    July 11, 2019

Sweet Lorane Community News

I hope that everyone had a fun and safe Fourth of July this year. I can remember as a kid the fun we had. Some of my fondest memories of the Fourth of July were of our family joining my grandparents,...

 By Pat Edwards    News    July 4, 2019

Sweet Lorane Community News

A couple of weeks ago, I promised to tell you a bit more about our wonderful 11-day American History East tour that we took at the end of May. The tour itself was only in Washington, D.C. for two...

 By Pat Edwards    News    June 27, 2019

A tribute to Latham from Lorane

I have been following the story of the closing of the little Latham Elementary School by the Cottage Grove School District this past week. It brings back memories and the heartache that the people of...

 By Pat Edwards    News    June 20, 2019

Lorane: A new start and an old writing style

Noel Nash, the new owner and publisher of The Creswell Chronicle, asked me to drop by the office the other day to discuss what new and exciting changes they are planning for the paper. Part of his...

 By Pat Edwards    News    June 13, 2019

Sweet Lorane Community News

Jim and I are home and recovering from our very busy, but amazing American History East tour. We were able to visit and immerse ourselves in our country’s heritage, its cultures and beginnings. Not...

 By Pat Edwards    News    May 23, 2019

Sweet Lorane community news

Yesterday, I was considering asking my editors, Pam and Erin, if I could take a two-week hiatus from writing my column. My focus, right now, is so centered on our personal lives, that I haven’t trie...

 By Pat Edwards    News    May 9, 2019

Sweet Lorane Community News

May has arrived, my flower beds and boxes are taking shape and the pace of life is obviously speeding up a bit for everyone. With the sunshine and warmer temperatures, there is suddenly the desire to...


Sweet Lorane Community News

I’m finally able to turn my attention to community news this week. Although the going is slow, Jim is healing from his falls of a couple of weeks ago. I’m still his chauffeur, cook and morning help at the store, but we’ve fallen into a routine...

 By Pat Edwards    News    April 11, 2019

Sweet Lorane Community News

My world right now is centered on one special person who needs me and my full attention. Oh, don’t get me wrong… Jim is doing well in his healing process, and we’ve worked out a schedule of...

 By Pat Edwards    News    April 4, 2019

Sweet Lorane Community News

Last week, I wrote about Jim’s and my lifestyle changes while we were forced to function with one car. During that time, he was working through some mobility issues caused by tendonitis in his hip,...


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