Birthplace: Riverside, Calif.

Marital status: Married

Spouse: Matt McPharlin, recreation management

Children: Four children, all adults


neighborhood: Oakridge

Online: @oregondirtroaddemocrat, @emmonsfororegon; emmonsfororegon.org

Party registration: Democrat

Education: University of Oregon, School of Journalism and Communication, BA 1999

Occupations: Small business owner, non-profit program management

Current employer: Willamette Riverkeeper, City of Eugene

Public sector experience: City of Eugene, several non-profit positions (both paid and volunteer) working in education, public lands stewardship, clean water advocacy

Private sector experience: Community development, national retail marketing 

Elected office held: None

Previous unsuccessful runs for office: None

As a new candidate to the Oregon legislature, I am excited to lace up my boots and get to work for our rural communities. I have a long record of solving problems involving multiple points of view and interactions with folks across all backgrounds.

I use common sense and logic to address problems. I consider myself a “dirt road Democrat” – which also highlights my rural roots and residency east of Oakridge. Unlike many candidates, I work a full-time job and operate a small business. I don’t have the luxury of working on my campaign at the expense of other life priorities.

 Like the majority of voters in House District 12, I have to worry about paying the bills and ensuring my kids have the education and training they need to stay local and thrive as adults. Therefore, my priorities are simple: 

• Economic development – which starts with education, including workforce training programs – along with developing an infrastructure to support small businesses and living wage jobs relevant to rural communities:

• Increasing access to basic services, including healthcare and public safety

• Responsible natural resource management to ensure future generations have access to clean air and water.  

To accomplish these goals, I will use a balanced approach by rolling up my sleeves alongside my community to get the job done. Learn more about me and my campaign at: emmonsfororegon.com.

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