Memories of 34 W. Oregon Ave., cont’d: From the library to the newsroom


I enjoyed reading the memories shared of our longtime Chronicle office in Creswell. Given the opportunity to reminisce, I would share the following as to how I came to be a regular contributor to our paper since 2007. 

In 2006-07, I was studying to earn my certification as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, working at that time at Creswell Library as a library assistant.

I was assigned as part of my studies to carry out a community service project. After much thought and trepidation, I approached then-Chronicle owner/editor Helen Hollyer about writing an article for the paper about my studies in nutritional therapy. She agreed, as she had always encouraged that articles covering health issues be a part of the paper. 

I came to this project as a reluctant writer, my past writing limited mostly to school term papers. I sent in my drafts to Helen for editing, often having to make many changes. In the process I gained a strong admiration for our editors and what they contribute to our writing success. 

Since that first article I have had the opportunity to be published in various nutrition journals. I will miss the proximity of our current office, having had the opportunity to visit with the staff and our paper’s last three owners on many occasions.  

– Yaakov Levine, Health and nutrition columnist


KNND fills critical role for BMD

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Bohemia Mining Days Board of Directors, coordinators, and financial supporters, I wish to thank Cameron and KNND staff for their contribution of $600 to BMD general fund, in support of the BMD Festival.

The $600 is generated by KNND’s alligator auction. It is held 2 times a year, and part of the proceeds originally were given to a service club in the community. This contribution of $600 will help the 2022 Festival to pay for the insurance and other costs of bringing the festival to you, the public. Budgets have exceeded $50,000 in the past for major shows.

Thank you again to our local KNND radio station.  

Donald Williams,Cottage Grove


How to submit ‘Letters to the Editor’

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