Pledging allegiance, for & against

Dear Editor:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of The United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

I pledge allegiance to the flag that is displayed at the local Post Office.

I pledge allegiance to the flag that is hanging from the front porch of a local residence.

I pledge allegiance to the flag high atop a flagpole at the Oregon Statehouse in Salem.

And I pledge allegiance to the flag when it is attached to the bed of a pickup driven during a 4th of July parade in Creswell.

I do not pledge allegiance to Kate Brown and the Oregon Health Authority’s COVID-19 policies which are founded on poorly supported or nonexistent science.

I do not pledge allegiance to well-intentioned but misinformed school district administrators who require students to wear masks.

What about you?

Steven Johnston, Creswell


Black eye for ‘The Friendly City’

Dear Editor:

This letter is in no way meant to be political. I consider myself a moderate in most situations. 

However, I think the reputation of our nice little community has been hurt by all the political negativity over the past several months. And in the process we have lost two mayors who have volunteered and been elected to this thankless job. 

Whatever your political persuasion, when a person volunteers, and is elected, that person deserves some respect.

We don’t have to agree with their decisions but we certainly should not run them out of an office they volunteered for. If a person feels strongly about a situation or circumstance, then I suggest we see that person’s name on the next ballot. 

Come on, Creswell, let’s agree to disagree in a respectful manner and earn back the reputation of being “The Friendly City.”

Gary Schweitzer, Creswell


Is democracy dead in Creswell?

Dear Editor:

Another democratically elected mayor has resigned due to threats to herself and family by a mob of bullies. The mayor was attacked over issues for which she had no control, enforcement of laws developed by citizen committees and previous councils. Laws earlier residents hoped would protect the safety and welfare of Creswell residents and visitors. Important questions remain to be answered. Will you benefit from mob rule in The Friendly City? Do you wish to be governed by the whims of an angry social media group? How can we protect our elected, appointed, and volunteer public servants?

Ed Gunderson, Creswell