Jayden Russell

The Mr. and Ms. THS Pageant was quite a bit different this year, like everything else in the world.

The best part of the pageant this year was being able to have it. We were almost not going to be able to have the pageant but we ended up having great leadership and were able to pull it off, completely virtual.

Doing the pageant differently this year and not in- person was hard but we discovered there were a lot of benefits from it as well.

We were challenged to get creative and come up with new and diverse ways to fundraise, things we will use for years to come, like our 5k walk/run and “Pie A Teacher in the Face.”

What I will never forget from this year’s pageant are the struggles we went through to be able to successfully do the pageant and raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network despite the obstacles Covid brought.

This year we had 11 contestants and six planning team members. Together we met virtually once a week, we partnered on fundraisers and even took a virtual tour of the NICU at Riverbend. We even were able to award and crown our contestants.

With the support of our incredible community we were able to raise $11,246.21.  

 Pageant leaders congratulate Alyssa Matthews who was voted “Most Devoted” and Angelica Rivera who was voted “Ms. Congeniality” – both of these awards were voted on by THS Pageant contestants.

And now for this year’s Mr. and Ms. THS: 

We are thrilled to announce Varney Doreen is the 2021 Mr. THS. Congratulations Varney! Varney has taught us to show up even when it’s hard and to never give up.

 It is with great joy to announce Alyssa Matthews is our 2021 Ms. THS. Congratulations Alyssa! Alyssa has taught us all what is possible when you set your mind to something.

 Both Varney and Alyssa are leaders not only for the THS Pageant but in academics and athletics as well. 

We are so proud of them and all the incredible students who were involved with THS Pageant this year. It was definitely like no other and it’s truly incredible what they accomplished this year.