The Creswell School Board moved forward with a new model for teacher evaluations during distance learning. 

“We were able to get the agreement together in a timely manner, so we can start the evaluation in October,” Superintendent Mike Johnson said. “A lot of districts are in gridlock over this and haven’t moved forward.”

The next-biggest changes are observation procedures, how the administrators will perform informal observations, and stimulating teacher growth within the new system. The state has also passed along guiding principles, key among them being: safety and wellness, cultivating relationships and connections, centering on equity and innovation. 

The evaluation for probationary staff did not change because the law requires a specific set of guidelines, Johnson said. 

“We’re focusing on growth goals with our staff,” Johnson said. “We’re not going out and harping on teaching strategies; we’re learning all new best practices.”

The board also approved the adoption of a new resolution to purchase two 2022 BlueBird 84-passenger diesel-powered busses through Western Bus Sales for approximately $299,600. These busses will be financed over four years with annual payments totaling approximately $311,740 for both busses. Approximately $89,860 will be covered through a grant from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and the remainder from transportation replacement money. 

“We’re going to have a beautiful looking fleet,” said Sarah Hanson, transportation supervisor.