SPRINGFIELD – School board members approved two resolutions – both board policy revisions – during its meeting Monday night.

The first, Resolution #20-21.014, revised the exclusion of alcohol, tobacco, inhalant delivery systems, illicit drugs, marijuana, or narcotics is prohibited on school property to prohibit alcohol – unless “when specifically authorized by the superintendent in writing.”

Board members said the revision would allow “toasts” during certain events that are taking place within the school district.

School district superintendent Todd Hamilton said there would be an application process that would also need to meet the requirements around who is serving the alcohol, insurance and if children are present. 

The motion passed, with board members Todd Mann and Lisa Barrager voting no. 

The school board also passed the first read of the “All Students Belong” administrative ruling. 

This temporary rule took effect on Sept. 17 and takes unprecedented steps to protect the district’s most marginalized populations and requires districts to adopt their own policy prohibiting symbols of hate and addressing bias by Jan. 1.

These specific symbols of hate include a noose, swastika and confederate flag. 

Board Director Emilio Hernandez also suggested looking into policy changes that will keep school property parking lots from being used without a permit. 

He said over the past month he has received calls about how groups will yell or harass families and students of color who are passing by in the neighborhoods.

Hamilton said that would be a change in facility use policy, which is a conversation they can have. 

Chief Operations Officer Brett Yancey also pointed out how adopting this policy can affect their signage, and that they can state displays of nooses, swastikas and confederate flags on school grounds is prohibited and make it more enforceable with law enforcement. 

“I just think we need to protect kids,” Hernandez said at the meeting.