Salon owners Emily Campbell, 40, Alaina Rush, 38, and stylist Hazel Berry, 40, pose in front of the updated logo for The Mothership Salon. EMMA ROUTLEY/THE CHRONICLE

SPRINGFIELD - Alaina Rush, 38, and Emily Campbell, 40, will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Mothership Salon this August 9.  

Campbell, the salon’s newest co-owner, bought into half of the salon in June. Rush, the original owner of The Mothership Salon located at 322 Main St. in Springfield, said she has always known she wanted to be a hairstylist. She finished the required schooling while still in high school, and has been a stylist for 24 years.

Despite the salon’s name and a UFO that used to be a part of the original logo, Rush is not a “Trekkie,” a popular term used to describe fans of the Star Trek franchise. While working at another salon, Rush got the idea for The Mothership Salon’s name from a previous long-term client who had arrived at her appointment after a bad day. 

“She took off her shoes, put down her purse and her briefcase and kind of flopped back in the chair and said, ‘Oh, I’m at the mothership! Revive me,’” Rush said.  

While there may not be any connection to the intergalactic space series, The Mothership Salon does focus on doing what they can to save planet earth. Rush said the business is in the process of becoming more sustainable and planet-friendly, such as integrating hair brands that make their packaging out of plastic from the ocean.

“We’re not a cookie-cutter kind of a place,” Rush said. “We like to communicate as deep as we can to make sure we’re giving you a look that is sustainable for you.”

Rush is hoping they will be able to do more than have a glass of champagne to celebrate the 10-year anniversary, but there will also be monthlong hair specials and product giveaways.