Following the guidelines of the Oregon Department of Education, Superintendent Mike Johnson shared on the district website that students enrolled in K-11 will be awarded either pass or incomplete status for the last two quarters of the year. 

“Teachers will use the work and other indicators of progress completed before March 13 to determine whether students receive a ‘pass’ or ‘incomplete,’” Johnson said. “Students who were not passing a class prior to March 13th will need to continue working with their teacher(s) to demonstrate proficiency with the essential standards to pass.”

District officials said their efforts will focus on every student being able to pass all spring classes. 

In Creswell, students are on a semester system, Johnson explained, so most courses included the third and fourth quarter that would result in a fourth quarter final grade, making only a “pass” or ‘incomplete” grade possible. 

Although Johnson recognizes the concern with accountability, especially because it puts more on parents and guardians than ever before, he explained there are key reasons for continuing to maintain learning without receiving letter grades. 

It helps students develop and strengthen skills that will transfer into next school year; engage in learning as long as possible to keep “summer regression” from lengthening; keep routines and structures at home as part of a mentally healthy lifestyle; connect with peers and teachers to decrease feelings of isolation. 

Also, a “pass” is dependent on evidence of essential learning up to the point of school closure. That includes continued evidence of learning through participating in distance learning, as well as state law requiring children to continue to attend school.