USA Olympic Trials

A note to readers

Sport is a diversion and a small pleasure in our daily lives. The Olympics and the Olympic Trials are spectacles for our enjoyment. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic it is difficult to carry on in a business-as-usual fashion. Countdown to the Trials would like to stay focused on[Read More…]

How to Run The Race

Joan Benoit The Olympic marathon is a 26.2-mile race run on roads. The course must be relatively flat, although a certain amount of up-and-down terrain is allowed. There will be between 100-200 runners in each race. The races are located and scheduled to avoid heat when possible. Men have run[Read More…]


I’ve referred to distance runners as ”twigs” when watching athletes file into old Hayward Field. The comment was never derisive, more an observation of the distinctions among athletic body types, because while possessing powerfully athletic bodies with a level of strength and conditioning that is awe-inspiring, distance runners are also[Read More…]


FRIDAY, JUNE 19 11 a.m.: Shot Put, men’s qualifying 3 p.m.: Women’s discus throw, qualifying 3:02 p.m.: Women’s 400m, 1st round 3:30 p.m.: Men’s 400m, 1st round 3:45 p.m.: Women’s high jump, qualifying 3:58 p.m.: Women’s 1500m, 1st round 4:26 p.m.: Men’s 800m, 1st round 4:54 p.m.: Men’s 5000m, 1st[Read More…]


Photo archive My high school chemistry teacher was a burned-out veteran educator who spent inordinate amounts of valuable teaching time ridiculing the achievements of black people. He didn’t like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and he didn’t like sprinters, who were mostly black, and dismissively ridiculed their achievements by declaring they were born[Read More…]


Bradley Cook/The Chronicle Over the coming weeks, crews will mount two-foot by eight-foot perforated steel panels on the outside of the tower. Together, the panels depict images of five icons who have helped define the UO’s legacy. The first of the five is already on display, with the crown of[Read More…]


File photo Eight teams of four runners each take their places on a 400-meter oval track. Eight runners start the race carrying the Holy Grail, a colored baton they must hand to the next runner. If the handoff is too slow, momentum is lost. If the handoff is too fast,[Read More…]

COUNT DOWN: World and USA Records

WORLD RECORDS Women’s 800m 1.53.28, Jarmila Kratochvilova, 1983 Women’s 1500m 3:50.07, Genzebe Dibaba, 2015 Men’s 800m 1:41.09, David Rudisha, 2010 Men’s 1500m 3:26.00, Hicham El Guerrouj, 1998 USA RECORDS Women’s 800m 1:55.61, Ajee Wilson, 2017 Women’s 1500m 3:54.99, Shelby Houlihan, 2019 Men’s 800m 1:42.34, Donavan Brazier, 2019 Men’s 1500m 3:27.40,[Read More…]