Through the Eyes of the Colonel


It seems that, this time of year, I tend to recall things from years ago, I guess because so many things happened in late spring and early summer during my teens, upwards to my 40s. Of course, lots of things happened since, but it started with my achieving the Eagle[Read More…]


A former enlisted man, a friend of mine, was present when I gave a presentation at an organization to which I belong. This talk was about some of the experiences I had while flying combat in fighter aircraft. This friend complimented me for my service and started telling me of[Read More…]

Lest we forget

Seventy-four years ago this month, World War II ended in Europe. The conflict continued with Japan for another three months. We persons who had fought in this conflict and the ones who supported the war effort — plus all others who were wishing for the end — were ecstatic. We[Read More…]

Driving home the point on poor roads

About 20 years ago I read an article in the newspaper about a U.S. Supreme Court hearing concerning the liability of government officials who were responsible for maintaining of public properties, roads, buildings, etc. The suit was one of many regarding whether government officials — who were advised of hazards[Read More…]