Community is being ‘hounded’ by dogs at large

There has been an heightened community concern regarding loose or aggressive dogs in Creswell, leaving residents to wonder about ordinances and what can be done to better control the situation. What may not be common knowledge is that the City of Creswell is responsible for their own animal control, and[Read More…]

Dog-walking safety

IMAGE PROVIDED This is a repeat of an article from April 10, 2017. It is still timely and a current discussion. Last week my dog, Geo and I were taking a walk. Geo was sniffing a grass patch in a vacant lot. Out of the corner of my eye, I[Read More…]

Loose Dogs in Creswell

IMAGE PROVIDED Joanne started her day by walking her two dogs like she does every day. A woman and her dog were coming towards her. Joanne was alarmed to see the large dog was not walking politely on its leash, but pulling the lady down the street. He pulled so[Read More…]