Protein and Omega-3 Fats for Improved Cognitive Function

Concerned parents often ask for tips and alternatives to medications for those students that struggle to pay attention in the classroom. Many bright students struggle with concentrating on their schoolwork, and may be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I remember that my report cards often included the dreaded,[Read More…]

Let’s focus on prevention during breast cancer awareness

Each year in October we recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Most of the fundraisers and events are focused on the forever search for cures to this disease which affects so many. As a nutritional therapist/writer I have spent my career focusing on prevention and supporting my clients/readers towards their goal[Read More…]

September yields apple harvest

This year, as September marks the celebration of Organic Harvest Month, instead of offering “apple cookies” at Natural Grocers as is our tradition, I will be celebrating my first month as a retiree. I’ll stop in for this fun (do try this at home) treat. What the heck is an[Read More…]

Fearless’ broths and soups

September marks five years since the Eugene Natural Grocers store openedWow, has it been an amazing few years? One category that has exploded in popularity in our store (and everywhere) is collagen. When we opened in 2014, there were a couple of options – mostly gelatin – which was in[Read More…]