Mayor’s Message

Mayor: Former city councilor left lasting legacy

It is with a heavy heart that I share my thoughts on former Creswell resident and city councilor Adam Pelatt, who passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, July 20, 2019. Adam served on the City Council from April 2013 through December 2015. He also served as city council president under former[Read More…]

Creswell State of the City address, part 2

Editor’s note: This is part two of Mayor Richard Zettervall’s State of the City Address. The first part of his column appeared in the Feb. 14 edition. Looking forward into 2019 I’m very excited to get to work with our city manager, city staff and our new city council. Together,[Read More…]

Mayor’s Message – On council culture

Editor’s Note: This is a speech presented by Mayor Dave Stram to Creswell City Council on Nov. 26. I want to talk with you tonight about the subject of council culture. As my service as mayor winds down, I’m excited to be passing the baton to Mayor-Elect Richard Zettervall. I’m[Read More…]

Thank you for the privilege of serving as mayor

It’s Fall in Creswell. Though warm temperatures haven’t completely left us, we all know what’s coming: Leaves turning color and dropping to the ground, shorter days, Halloween just a few weeks away, followed by the holidays and winter. Change is in the air. This Fall is a season of change[Read More…]

An Invitation to visit your City Council

Every two years citizens of Creswell elect four people to serve on the city council; three are elected as councilors and one is elected mayor. For the past three election cycles you have selected me to serve as mayor, and it has been one of my greatest privileges to do[Read More…]