Letters to the Editor

What took so long to save the horses?

Dear Editor: In regard to the recent horse “neglect” article in The Chronicle, dated Nov. 7, I would like to just ask three questions: WHY, WHY and WHY? WHY did it take two years for anything to get done about this very serious horse situation? As the paper stated, there[Read More…]


Editor’s note: On Nov. 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Crowds lined the streets as Kennedy’s motorcade was turning past the Texas School Book Depository. Then, shots fired. JFK was shot in the neck and head. He was 46 years old. A generation of Americans still[Read More…]

Appreciative of Chronicle’s obituary policy, sensitivity

Dear Editor, I would like to say, “Thank You” for the service, which The Chronicle provides, of allowing the publication of obituaries FREE. Being able to honor and remember the deceased in this way is an important and personal narrative of family history that is being recorded, especially when family[Read More…]

All-Star kids in The Chronicle

Dear Editor, I just wanted to write something in recognition of Kai Apo, Dallton Dewey, Tyler Frieze and Payden Criddle. Time has flown by. I worked with all four of them at the middle school. They were great mentors to the Life Skills kids in the class I was working[Read More…]

Letter to the Editor – Perspective on science, drones

Dear Editor, I would like to present my perspective on the articles from Sept. 19 in reference to the science curriculum and Mike Anderson’s drone class project at the Creswell Middle School. I appreciate the presentation of the new science curriculum presented, but it appears it was not a presentation[Read More…]

City Council Voted for Greed

Why did the Springfield City Council approve rezoning the Patrician Mobile Home Park? Why, when its Planning Commission carefully determined rezoning was not in accordance with the City’s policies, plans and testified twice before Council to confirm it? Why, after it heard testimony from over 60 people from this City[Read More…]

Bought or Bullied?

I’m not a detective, of course, but something isn’t right here. I’m so disappointed and saddened to the core about the decision the Springfield City Council made last Monday to rezone the Patrician Mobile Home Park. What is the purpose of the Council and its zoning if it doesn’t mean[Read More…]

Mayor’s Ball highlights value of community

Dear Editor: Had the good fortune Saturday evening to attend the Gala Mayor’s Ball, a fundraising event for the continued reconstruction and update of the historic National Guard Armory in downtown Cottage Grove. The event was opened with the Jewel Tones singing old standards from the 1930s and ’40s. They[Read More…]