Letters to the Editor

A ‘gang’ by any other name?

Dear Editor, I am writing in regards to the article in the Jan. 9 edition of The Chronicle entitled “Four juveniles face mischief charges.” My concerns are not with the article or its writing but the details provided by the school. Over time, everyone has pretty much accepted that in[Read More…]

Removing one book is not a ‘quick fix’

Dear Editor, I am glad they’ve decided to remove the books but I don’t want this to be the final step they take. This issue is larger than one book series. Skippyjon Jones was just an example of how racism is as normal to us white people as taking a[Read More…]

Letter to the Editor: Parents must get involved to help students

Dear Editor, In response to Jan 9 Campanella column: the biggest mistake parents make concerning their children’s education is believing they are rational about their children. If parents wish to advance the education of their children, read or tell them stories, take an interest in their studies, support local schools.[Read More…]

New features bring more ideas for paper

Dear Editor, GOSH! An astrology column. What’s next? Alchemy? Phrenology? M. James Fox Creswell . . . You’ve reached subscriber-only content Register for free to continue reading  Free 3-day trial Already a subscriber? Log in here.

The good old days’ of packaging

Dear Editor, Who’d have thought that I, at 77, would be able to look back on the good old days of glass, paper, wood and foil packaging. My first recollection of packaging was when my parents offered me a drink of milk from a quart paper container on a late[Read More…]

Kiwanis seeking help in choosing service projects

Dear Editor: How can we help? Our local Coast Fork Kiwanis Club is refocusing their efforts and seeking community input on where our modest resources of volunteer time and limited funding should be employed. Kiwanians have been active in communities worldwide for over 100 years with an emphasis on serving[Read More…]