Letter to the Editor

Residents fight fires together

Dear Editor, You had an article in your last paper about the need for a fire department up here in the Dorena-Disston area. As a matter of fact, we do have an unofficial fire department with three fire trucks and about 20 “fire trailers” that George Swain has helped folks[Read More…]

In response to ‘flags on overpass’

Dear editor I am sorry, but I must take offense to Dolald Ehrich’s June 30 letter to the editor. He is correct with all of his quoting of “rules and regulations.” The flag being hung on overpasses is not soliciting anything … but pride. My time in the army sent[Read More…]

In opposition of shelter in Grove neighborhood

Dear Editor, I’m a resident in the neighborhood adjacent to the proposed site of the homeless shelter on Church of the Nazarene property in Cottage Grove. My hope is that the city’s motivation in looking at this property would be to help vetted Cottage Grove homeless individuals and families who[Read More…]

Thanks for all of the support

Creswell Clubhouse’s 10th anniversary Spaghetti Dinner on March 7 was special because it gave me an opportunity to share how grateful I am and thank those people and organizations that have provided continued support to Clubhouse for over 10 years. I really appreciate all the donations from so many bakeries,[Read More…]

Gov: Social distancing tips

• In order to protect the health and safety of Oregon families, we must work together and support each other. • It may seem like we’re in the middle of this, but it’s just the beginning. That’s why the new social distancing measures Governor Brown announced are so important. •[Read More…]

Our leaders need to act now

Dear editor, It is my intention to ask why the governor has not ordered a full and inevitable social shutdown. Partial measures like closing schools and limiting social gatherings are inadequate. People are lulled into complacency by false case numbers which is a flawed figure due to the paucity of[Read More…]

Demolition of Creswell’s Community Center

This proposal of SLF&R is so totally self-serving that it’s hard for us to articulate all the reasons this idea shouldn’t fly with our City Council. During this era of environmental concern, it’s suggested we consider a sound building as disposable as plastic bags. Demolishing this building would not only[Read More…]

Old Schoolhouse update

• We held board and officer elections in January. The current board makeup is: Verlean McCoy, President; Don Ehrich, Vice President; Mary Ann Howard, Secretary; Patty Birch, Treasurer; and member Cheri Spaulding. • We received grants of $2,500 from Weyerhaeuser Giving Fund; $2,600 from Cycle Oregon; $1,500 from the Lane[Read More…]

Oregon State University flag display offensive

Dear Editor: Oregon State University, a public university located in Corvallis, has refused to remove an offensive flag from its building. The local community has requested this removal as early as November, and has offered an alternative flag for display in their building. However, OSU states it is using this[Read More…]