Giving Thanks

Commercial Kitchen’ coming to fruition

Creswell (CFFC) wishes to thank the following donors and partners in fundraising for making our commercial kitchen project possible: Donors and Sponsors CreswellFirst! Community Foundation Pacific Power Corporation Wheeler Foundation Three Rivers Foundation Oregon Food Bank Randall Charitable Trust The Collins Foundation Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation Chambers Family Foundation[Read More…]

Thanks for help with water main

Late afternoon on Tuesday, Feb. 18, an eight-inch water main at the intersection at East Taylor Avenue and Hillside Drive in Cottage Grove was damaged during a utility boring. The break released water down Taylor Avenue at a rate of 2,600 gallons per minute. It took four hours to repair[Read More…]

Giving Thanks

I am THANKFUL for the improved lighting at the post office. At 5 p.m. in the winter hours it is nice to have the exterior well lit. Also, the island in front has recently been improved. It is easier to see cars coming when you pull out. The city cut[Read More…]

A healthy environment!

THANK YOU Emerald Fitness Club for terrific classes, kind support and zero body shaming. Owners Shane and Sarah May give their members 110%. At last, my gym anxiety is gone! Victoria White Creswell

An attentive doctor

I am grateful to live in a small town, where people know you and are able to help you. I have been glad to have Dr. Blair Wilkinson as a chiropractor. She is a good and kind person. I had her work on my thumb, which is probably arthritic. I[Read More…]

Thanks to Ron Hanson, a difference-maker

Ron Hanson has made a difference in the lives of those in our community. Ron grew up in Montana and graduated from Colorado State. Ron and Sharon moved to Creswell in 1967. They were teachers and Ron decided he was interested in constriction so he worked with Jerry Polansky for[Read More…]

Thanks for great ‘Groundwaters’ program feedback

What a wonderful event we had last Sunday at the Applegate Regional Theater. The “Groundwaters LIVE!” program was well-attended and much enjoyed, according to the feedback I have been receiving this week. Thanks to all of you who joined us as well as those who entertained our audience by reading[Read More…]

Giving Thanks -Thanks for old schoolhouse support

On Nov. 7, it will be three years since a group of Creswell citizens who were concerned about the fate of Creswell’s Old to restore the exterior of the building in 2020. The exterior restoration involves several proj- ects. The back room, which will eventually house an Americans wit h[Read More…]