Ounce of prevention is good advice today

In 1733, Benjamin Franklin, a native of Boston, then a prominent citizen of Philadelphia, made a visit to his hometown and was vastly impressed how well the city had organized and prepared for handling fires. On his return to Philly he urged the city fathers to implement some changes. Not[Read More…]

Our Stories

Seth, Melissa, and Lyla Clark, Blue Valley Bistro Seth and Melissa Clark, Blue Valley Bistro Seth, a careful thinker with a level head, and who owns Creswell and Coburg’s Blue Valley Bistros and the Highway 58 Coffee cart in Pleasant Hill, said, ”Hysteria and panic are for the birds, but[Read More…]

Council moves $100k to prepare

SPRINGFIELD – During the City Council meeting on March 16, Springfield declared a State of Emergency. This motion kicked into place the City’s emergency plan until May 12, and could help the City receive reimbursement. After approving the motion, the council also voted to transfer $100,000 from the general fund[Read More…]

Covid-19 precautions underway

SPRINGFIELD – Throughout Springfield, precautions are being put in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Beyond Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s statewide orders, the City is being proactive in keeping its citizens safe while still offering needed support to families in need. Even with the closing of the school[Read More…]

Spring activities still don’t know their fate

CRESWELL – The aspirations of hundreds of high school athletes were shattered when Oregon public schools closed from March 16 to at least March 31, as mandated by Gov. Kate Brown, and the OSAA (Oregon School Activities Association) canceled all remaining state championships for basketball (4A-6A) and dance/drill. “Looking back,[Read More…]

Lorane’s history includes Spanish flu epidemic

Let’s address the elephant in the room – the Coronavirus pandemic and how it is affecting us in our part of the world. Whether we live in urban areas, in small towns or rural areas, our lifestyles and daily routines are being turned upside down. Up until this past week,[Read More…]

Support systems at risk

CRESWELL — Creswell public schools and many of their supporting agencies are closed March 16-31 to protect students, staff and community members and help slow the spread of the Coronavirus. The ripple effect on families already is being felt – something not lost on government officials or the directors of[Read More…]

Coronavirus Do’s and Don’ts

Note: Always ask your doctor before taking any action. Do prepare to take care of yourself and your family. Be sure you have: • A fever thermometer • Disposable gloves • Plastic garbage bags • Cleaning supplies Do clean and disinfect surfaces such as doorknobs, telephones, computer keyboards, toilets, and[Read More…]

We will survive, thrive together

The Chronicle closed its offices to the public last week for the safety of customers. It can be comforting in Times Like These to look at history, and consider how previous generations of humans handled turmoil and tumult in their lives. Perhaps there is a nugget or pearl of wisdom[Read More…]