Community Blessings

Community Blessings – Bruce Berg

MY WIFE, SHERRI, DANCING IN HEAVEN, TAKEN YEARS AGO. Bruce Berg I’m thankful for the kindness of God to grant me strength and insight to work through the healing of the unexpected loss of my lovely wife of 35 years. A local group of fellow travelers has been incredibly[Read More…]

Community Blessings – Alaina Thomson, Chronicle columnist, Therapeutic Associates Creswell Physical Therapy

ALAINA THOMSON, THERAPEUTIC ASSOCIATES CRESWELL PHYSICAL THERAPY I am immensely thankful for friendship. 2018 has been a year of growth and rebuilding, achievement and challenges, wins and losses, climbing mountains and running races, emotional highs and personal lows. This has been a year of loving, losing, and learning. I graduated[Read More…]

Community Blessings – Susan Blachnik, Verlean McCoy

I am thankful to live in a town where people can make a difference for others. There are churches and organizations helping to feed the hungry: the Creswell Food Pantry, Creslane Food4Kids, New Hope Baptist Church Wed dinner, Church of Christ Sunday breakfast, Creslane/Letter Carriers/Scouts/CMS/ many local businesses holding food[Read More…]