Mint chocolate chip keto fat bombs

Contrary to what you may still hear or read on mainstream media, saturated fat rich tropical oils such as coconut and palm are healthy fat choices. It is best to buy these oils with organic and rainforest alliance certification.  Tropical oils are good options for cooking or frying and are[Read More…]

Keeping your cool with food

Though the 100-degree days are behind us, we still have plenty of warm days ahead, and such days often call for cold meals. With gardens at their highest output this time of year, cold dishes are easy to put together. Salads Of course the first thing cold food might bring[Read More…]

Emerald ash borer detected in Oregon

ODF Invasive Species Specialist WyattWilliams points to a tiny D-shaped exit hole made by an emerald ash borer as it emerged from an ash tree in Forest Grove. The long-anticipated arrival in Oregon this summer of the destructive emerald ash borer sharpens concerns about the impacts to urban forests, wetlands[Read More…]