2022 Election

Blain, Buch: Q&A with East Lane County Commissioner candidates

East Lane, District 5 encompasses the cities and communities of Creswell, Cottage Grove, Dexter, Dorena, Pleasant Hill, McKenzie Bridge, Blue River, Camp Creek, Churchill, Coburg, Goshen, Leaburg, Lowell, Marcola, Oakridge, Vida, Walterville and Westfir. Chronicle: How would you address homelessness in terms of: Affordable inventory, mental health support, and job support in[Read More…]

Meet Kyle Blain: Candidate for East Lane County Commissioner

KYLE BLAIN, 38 Birthplace: Eugene Marital status: Married Spouse’s job: Real Estate Agent Children: Aged 11, 9, 9, 7 Residence neighborhood: Coburg Online: kyleblain.com; acebook.com/BlainforCommission Education: Marist / Oregon State University Occupation(s): Contractor, Timberland Manager, R&D Cross Laminated Timber, Real Estate Lender Current employer: Direct Portfolio Lending Public sector experience:[Read More…]