2020 Year in Review

Year In Review 2020: A class of its own

Springfield Public Schools graduated 644 students and hosted a staggered ceremonial approach. Gateway High School graduated 39; Springfield High School graduated 292; Academy for Arts and Academics graduated 47; and Thurston High School graduated 266 students. Over the course of two weeks, graduates were called to walk across the stage[Read More…]

Year in Review: Zettervall term marked with achievements, challenges

Former Creswell mayor Richard Zettervall/CHRONICLE FILE PHOTO CRESWELL – It was a term cut short for former Creswell mayor Richard Zettervall in 2020 after he resigned in September amid adversarial community reactions to an equity resolution he and city councilors were discussing. He had three months left to serve.  It[Read More…]

Scene & Heard

Baby Gramps was featured in the Feb. 20 edition, after he played a Valentine’s show at the Axe & Fiddle in Cottage Grove.He’s made a career out of employing that characteristic Popeye voice of his; then he morphs into other deep, gravelly voices reminiscent of Tom Waits or Capt. Beefheart.[Read More…]