Author: RYLEIGH NORGOVE - [email protected]

Timber strike ceases

It’s been 46 days since Weyerhaeuser’s union workers went on strike — and this week, after a long and challenging standoff, they’re back to work.  It took more than 1,000 workers on the picket line, countless hours in the rain, and a series of tenuous union negotiations to reach a[Read More…]

Hot Spot Café reopens

COTTAGE GROVE – The iconic Hot Spot Café was revived this week, returning to its original place on Main Street. The historic restaurant brings back fond memories for many — after all, what’s more classic than sharing a milkshake and a basket of fries with friends?  New owner and CEO[Read More…]

Public Safety Levy: What it will fund, who it will help

SPRINGFIELD – In November, voters are being asked to renew Springfield’s public safety levy, raising nearly $37.3 million for safety services. Over the past two decades, the levy has supported police, jail, and municipal court services — and is a key funding source for public safety initiatives in Springfield.  Springfield[Read More…]

Cottage Theatre’s Into the Woods: A darkly delightful production

Review: Yes, it’s happily ever after, at least until reality bites. That’s also when the Cottage Theatre’s production of Into the Woods shifts from a whimsical journey through the heroes of Grimm’s fairy tales to a dark and twisted story of hopes, dreams and, most importantly, wishes.  Cue the musical’s[Read More…]