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Keys for growing successful houseplants

Gardeners hear it often enough: right plant, right place. It's a fundamental rule of gardening, said Heather Stoven, a horticulturist with Oregon State University Extension Service, and one that appli...


Trial gardens show vegetables can be grown without irrigation

Growing vegetables without irrigation may sound farfetched, but two Willamette Valley trials proved crops can be grown in home gardens without a drop of irrigation. At demonstration gardens in Benton...

 By Kym Pokorny    Outdoors    March 7, 2019

Educate yourself before using organic pesticides

Reaching for a pesticide - even an organic one - should be a thoughtful act: Nothing used to kill pests is risk-free.  The first question to ask is if pesticides are really needed at all is by... Full story


10 gift ideas for the gardeners in your life

Whether a gift giver who enjoys splurging or staying within a budget for the gift-giving season, Oregon State University Extension Service has everyone covered. Extension Service experts stepped up...

 By Kym Pokorny    News    October 25, 2018

Insects and spiders out to find shelter for winter

This time of year, insects and spiders are out and about – some in large numbers – looking for places to hunker down for winter. "Just like us, they're coming inside to get warm," said Brooke... Full story


Answers to three common compost problems

If treated right, microscopic critters in soil will do a gardener's bidding, and turn garden and kitchen debris into black gold for the garden. "There are more microorganisms in a teaspoon of topsoil...


Instead of leaving soil naked, coat it with cover crops

No one wants to go through the winter with no clothes, not even the soil that grows our plants. So, jacket up the soil in cover crops. These hardworking plants can add organic matter and aerate the...


Don't neglect to water garden in summer

No matter the stereotype, summers are dry in Oregon and gardens need to be watered regularly, especially in times of drought as the forecast calls for this year. Information is available from the...


Beneficial bats help control insects in the garden

With a swish of his cape, Count Dracula ruined the reputation of bats forevermore. Maybe. In the 120 years since "Dracula" came on the scene and spooked us into believing bats are bad, we're beginning...


No room for vegetables? Pot up your plants

Many vegetables grow well in containers located on a patio, porch, balcony or windowsill, so don't let lack of yard space keep you from gardening this spring and summer. Limited garden space... Full story


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