Engagement Announcement

Garcia – Bork

Mervyn Isaac Garcia and Larissa Christine Bork are excited to announce their engagement. On Saturday, July 16, Mervyn asked Larissa to marry him at Hendricks park and had a surprise party waiting for them at Larissa’s mom’s house in the evening. Larissa was incredibly surprised and so thankful for everyone who helped pull it off.

Mervyn is the son of Antioco and Luvia Garcia, Antioco originally from Mexico and Luvia originally from Guatemala. The Garcia family moved to Madras, Ore. when Mervyn was two years old. Mervyn is thankful to have grown up in such a small town because he learned the importance of relationships and connecting with people, rather than finding things to do. To this day, Mervyn is a quintessential extrovert and loves people very well. Mervyn would like to thank his father for always instilling confidence in him and his siblings, Jason and Stephanie. Although they came from humble beginnings, the Garcia confidence has taken them very far. After graduating high school, Mervyn moved to Eugene and then graduated from The University of Oregon with a business degree in 2012.

Larissa is the daughter of Derek Bork and Christine Blanchette and has a younger brother, Sidney. The family moved to Eugene when Larissa was a teenager. Larissa has always been an old soul, enjoying activities like listening to music, reading a book outside and crafting. She would like to thank her parents for teaching her a work ethic that has taken her far. In school, Larissa had trouble fitting in and didn’t feel truly seen by her peers for a long time. Although it was difficult, Larissa focused on her studies and learned how to be confident in herself. She is so thankful for the community she has now found in her adult life, and for her fiance who is her safe place. After graduating high school, Larissa attended the University of Oregon and graduated with an English degree in 2020.

Mervyn and Larissa met at a volunteer event at their church, Ekklesia Eugene. Mervyn had seen Larissa around multiple times before and finally decided to introduce himself. The following night, Mervyn decided to invite Larissa over to his friend’s house for board games. Although she had never met this group, she decided to be bold out of curiosity.

Mervyn was immediately intrigued by Larissa’s relational abilities; Larissa was very easy to talk to. As he got to know her more, he was won over by Larissa’s caring heart, drive and commitment to being the best version of herself. Above all, Larissa’s gentle spirit is what made him realize she was the one for him.

The first thing Larissa noticed about Mervyn was his boldness and charm. She realized how much courage it took for him to approach a complete stranger, and he did it with such ease. Larissa had never met a man like him: someone so confident in himself and also incredibly kind. As she got to know him more, Mervyn proved to be someone she could rely on, someone who was loyal and would be there even when things got hard. Their love story is a true testament to following your gut and clinging to what is good.

Mervyn is working at a financial firm in Springfield and Larissa is a reporter for The Chronicle. The happy couple would like to thank their parents and friends for their love and support and also to their pastor, Steve Goble, who will be marrying them on Oct. 1, 2022.

Above all, they would like to thank God for bringing them together and give Him all the glory.