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Love, passion between a Monkey and a Pig

I received a question this week about the romantic compatibility between a man born under the sun sign Sagittarius during the lunar Year of the Monkey and a woman born under the sun sign Taurus during the lunar Year of the Pig. 

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal was born under the sign Sagittarius-Monkey. This sign is fun, sometimes goofy, sexy, and athletic in an acrobatic way. Sagittarius-Monkeys are good natured and fun to be around. This sign does not usually share their deepest thoughts. Monkeys keep things quiet, only revealing their thoughts at the best and most opportune time. Sagittarius leads the Monkey to express himself better than most Monkey signs, but there will usually be just a little something held back.

Model Miranda Kerr was born under the sign Taurus-Pig. This sign is smart, honest, trusting, and often naïve. Pigs want to believe the best in all people, and they don’t want to pry into other people’s personal or private thoughts. It is for this reason a Monkey and a Pig may do well together, especially while they are young. The Monkey wants to keep his thoughts to himself, and the Pig won’t pry. 

Taurus-Pigs are patient and generous. They will be a confidante for their partner in the relationship, and the Monkey appreciates that. Taurus-Pigs are hard workers and will give their all for the ones they love. Pig-born sacrifice their own happiness for the happiness of others. 

Monkey and Pig signs are both romantic, and their sexual attraction for each other will keep them interested. Sagittarius-Monkeys are hard workers, especially when their work involves a specific goal inspired by their passion. Monkeys and Pigs work well as a team and as partners.

As the years go by, Pigs become less naïve and more interested in learning her partner’s deepest secrets and all the facts. Jada Pinkett Smith was born during the Year of the Pig and her husband Will Smith was born during the Year of the Monkey. These two make a great team, they have similar values and goals for their family, but there are bumps in the road. Pigs are selfless and generous, and Monkeys are protective of their hard-earned finances. The key with a relationship between a Monkey and a Pig is to remember each other’s natural traits. The Pig should not be surprised if the Monkey focuses on his own agenda, and the Monkey should not be surprised if the Pig feels betrayed if the Monkey keeps secrets or puts his needs first. 

Monkeys and Pigs make great partners, but long-term romantic relationships need to be nurtured. The key to longevity in this relationship is understanding that each of you have different priorities, even if you have the same goals. Try to have fun with each other without being disappointed if the other isn’t exactly as you would wish them to be. You are each perfect the way you are, and struggles happen when you try to change each other or expect too much from the other. Each of you are good-natured and have loving hearts. Monkeys and Pigs are not the most compatible combination, but if you understand your differences, you can enjoy each other and the beauty of your passion and your fun-loving spirits.



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