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Susan Bennett is Creswell’s Superstar of the Month ERIN TIERNEY/THE CRESWELL CHRONICLE

Editor’s note: Each month, The Chronicle and our friends at The Flower Basket & Gift Boutique will ask readers to choose someone in the community they feel makes Creswell shine. The Chronicle will then choose a ”superstar” based on those nominations and will surprise one of our local unsung heroes with a special gift.
For September, we’ve gratefully received a handful of submissions of do-gooders, but would like to honor Susan Bennett for her good-natured spirit, and as a champion volunteer in the community.
Afterall, big hearts come in small packages.
You may know Bennett as one of Creswell’s charming real estate brokers for Keller Williams, though that’s only one of the several hats she wears with style.
She’s also a Creswell Chamber of Commerce ambassador and serves on the Creswell Planning Commission. She’s very interested in the future of Creswell and wants to be part of it.
Bennett is also so embedded in Creswell’s present, the here-and-now. While everyone’s out having fun at the Fourth of July Celebration and the Tree Lighting Ceremony during the holidays, she is on the forefront, helping to ensure the fun goes off without a hitch. It takes a selfless person to work hard so that others can have fun, and it’s often a thankless endeavor.
As for other volunteer projects, during the Hope Restored 2018 event, another nominator said Bennett was at the event all weekend, all day, working hard for the families whose homes were being restored.
She’s also a second-year core volunteer at Creslane’s Intergenerational Reading Collaboration – or the IRC, which brings adults and children in grades one through three together, helping grow the literacy ability of children.
If you’re lucky enough to be one of Bennett’s neighbors, you’ll find her generosity doesn’t stop when she gets home after a long time of working and volunteering.
In fact, several nominators commended Bennett for always being available to assist her neighbors with food and doctor trips, and also noted her heavy involvement with the Creswell Food Pantry.
One of Bennett’s nominators said that, ”Susan has the heart of a warrior and gives with all of it.” We’d tend to agree.
Thanks for being you, Susan!
Creswell Shines is one of The Chronicle’s feel-good monthly features. If you know someone who makes Creswell shine – young or old – make a nomination! Please email the name of your nominee, as well as your reasons why this person is a superstar to Erin Tierney at [email protected]. Help The Chronicle spread happy news and give our local superstars the respect and appreciation they so richly deserve.